About us

The Indian Cultural Association of Dorset (ICAD), advances and promotes Indian culture and the religions of Indian origin for the benefit of all. The UK Charity Commission recognised ICAD as registered charity (Charity No. 1176026) on the 30th November 2017.

Some of the main objectives of ICAD are to:

  1. Act as a Spiritual centre for individuals from all communities and religious backgrounds, particularly of India origin.

  1. Act as a centre for integration and promotion of peaceful co-existence of individuals from multiple cultural and religious backgrounds.

  1. Be a centre for exchange of cultural and spiritual ideas originating from India and from all over the world.

  1. Provide community service through voluntary service initiatives in the fields of health, education, environment and other fields.

  1. Serve as a centre for developing ideas for holistic living.

  1. Serve as a meeting point for individuals interested in Indian culture and religions.

  1. Organise events to bring together individuals for celebrating Indian festivals and national occasions.

  1. Invite and host distinguished individuals to promote cultural exchange and philosophical thought.

  1. Understand and advance the study of vedic teachings and philosophical thought.

  1. Promote the study the lives of spiritual leaders, saints and sages of India and beyond.

  1. Provide a place of worship for individuals of Indian origin, in particular Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains.

  1. Provide facilities for religious, social and cultural activities.

  1. Perform all such other activities as shall further the above objectives including fundraising.

A dedicated team consisting of trustees and volunteers are actively involved in furthering the vision and mission of ICAD. All interested individuals are invited to become part of ICAD by filling the signup form here.

ICAD held its first cultural event, the first ever Srinivasa Kalayanam in Dorset, on the 30th of September 2017. Since then prayer sessions have been held in hired community halls within the county every month.

Of all the major faiths of the world, Hinduism does not to have a place for worship in Dorset. Hindus of Dorset often travel long distances to visit a temple for worship. Moreover, the absence of a community centre greatly limits the advancement of their rich and diverse cultural activities. ICAD aims to advance the cultural and spiritual lives of Hindus and individuals of other religions that originate from India while providing them an opportunity to meet, learn and express these cultural values and traditions for generations to come.

Apart from organising the monthly Prayers, ICAD celebrates various festivals of India. Last year, to further community integration and advance its objectives, ICAD has started organising annual cultural events: Holi, International Yoga Day, Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam, Sri Sathyanarayana Puja, Ganesh Chathurthi and Diwali Celebrations.

We welcome all to be a part of ICAD.